Monday, January 22, 2018

Minneapolis-St Paul Area Metals Factory Phase 1 Environmental Assessment

Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment 
Client: Developer 
Location(s): Saint Paul, Minnesota
Key Elements: ASTM Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, Tier I Vapor Encroachment Screening Assessment, ASTM E2600-10
Caltha conducted an Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment meeting the requirements of E 1527:15 and "All Appropriate Inquiry". The site was the location for a historical metal products factory dating at least since 1925 and was later converted to a plastics factory. The assessment included reviews of historical maps which documented site development over a 90 year period and the locations of key industrial equipment and processes, and storage locations for fuels. The on-site inspection identified other Recognized Environmental Conditions (REC) related to waste disposal systems and underground hydraulic systems. Current and historic issues were also identified as potential soil vapor intrusion risks.

Improper Waste Storage Observed 
During Phase 1 Environmental Investigation

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