Saturday, November 7, 2009

FTA Categorical Exclusion - Environmental Analysis - Environmental Impact Review

The Federal Transit Authority (FTA) has developed specific categories for environmental review in compliance with NEPA. For certain types of projects, FTA may require project proposers to complete sufficient environmental analysis such that FTA can determine that the proposed project meets the criteria for a Categorical Exclusion (CE) under 27 CFR 771.117(d). By meeting these criteria, FTA will meet Categorical Exclusion criteria under NEPA (40 CFR 1508.4), and ultimately neither the proposer nor FTA will be required to conduct an Environmental Assessment as prescribed under 27 CFR 771.119. FTA could then take actions, including providing project funding.

Caltha LLP assists City, County and State project proposers to conduct environmental analyses required to meet FTA requirements for Categorical Exclusions. Caltha also conducts Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Assessments, and other Environmental Review requirements.

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