Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin Phase 1 Environmental Consultant

Caltha LLP provides rapid response Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment and Phase 2 Environmental Assessments for clients across Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

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Abandoned Chemical Drums Found During 
Phase 1 Environmental Inspection

What Makes Caltha Unique?

We believe that our clients expect and value technical expertise. Our clients also expect that when they hire a consulting company that claims a wealth of expertise and past experience, the staff they will ultimately work with should actually have that same expertise and experience. By choosing Caltha, our clients will always work directly with our senior professional staff, most of which have twenty or more years of experience. At Caltha, technical work does not get delegated to inexperienced staff. Because we rely on experience and expertise, work is done correctly the first time and tasks are completed in much less time. The result is a better product at a lower cost. Caltha also values a broad range of expertise in our professional staff. Like our clients, we need to understand the full spectrum of regulatory and liability pressures our clients face. Our professional working on your air permit also needs to have an understanding of RCRA hazardous waste requirements, and can assure that wastes from a new process are handled properly. By assigning staff with broad expertise, we can anticipate issues and take steps to avoid them, and in the end saving time and money.
Proper Handling And Recycling of PCB Containing Wastes

Client Sectors

Caltha provides expert services across a range of clients in the private and public sectors, including:

Industrial & Manufacturing

  • Light Manufacturing
  • Heavy Manufacturing
  • Chemical Sector
  • Food Products Sector
  • Healthcare and Medical Device Sector
  • Mining Sector
  • Paper & Wood Products Sector
  • Primary Metals and Metal Fabrication
  • Electronic & Electrical Equipment
  • Electric Generation & Transmission
  • Transportation Sector

Professional and Institutional Clients

  • Banks and Other Lending Institutions
  • Real Estate Professional
  • Law Firms
  • Engineering Firms
  • Schools and Universities

Public Sector Clients

  • Airports
  • Public Utilities
  • Port Authority
  • Governmental Agencies

Caltha provides expertise in a wide range of business sectors

Community Involvement

Caltha LLP believes in maintaining strong connections within the professional community and our local communities. Caltha staff have had leadership roles within a number of professional organizations, including the Air & Waste Management Association, Academy of Certified Hazardous Material Managers, and the Industrial Council on Environmental Management. Caltha also provides continuing support to the Alliance of Hazardous Material Professional’s CHMMunity program. CHMMunity provides volunteer technical support of local certified Hazardous Material Managers to assist community projects.

What do our clients say?

In a recent survey of our clients, Caltha scored an average of 9.8 out of 10 on service, quality and overall client satisfaction. Here are some comments made by Caltha clients:
“Just a brief note to let you know how much our plant appreciates the exceptional performance your company provided us. You were able to quickly identify our unique concerns and responded with complete technical accuracy. More importantly, you educated me so I now have a comprehensive technical awareness of possible regulatory issues that I can use in the future. And if that were not enough, you were able to do that on a very compressed time schedule, enabling me to submit my report a day before the deadline. All this and at the lowest price of all competitors contacted. Thanks for a job well done.” Energy & Environmental Manager - Maryneal, TX
“provided excellent results on numerous environmental projects and divestitures… highly experienced, cost effective, thoughtful and smart!.” Corporate Audit Manager - Minneapolis, MN
“Leadership, collaboration, focus and expertise… skill set of engaging and enrolling others towards a common goal and/or purpose…extremely well educated in the broad scope of the environmental field.” Facility Environmental Health & Safety Manager - Arden Hills, MN
“We have hired many different consultants and have seen a wide range in responsiveness, expertise and quality… but, Caltha always provides consistently high quality services.” Environmental Attorney - Washington DC

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